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Our showcase program is one of the best in the southeast, continuously evolving and staying ahead of trends.  We are data driven, and have a system that has proven over and over again to be successful for developing players into college prospects.

Player Development

Our player development system is the ground floor of what we do.  It all starts with a strategy that we have spent years developing that optimizes the process.  We take pride in RESULTS, and that’s what we have delivered since day one.

Full-Time Baseball Academy

Full-Time Baseball Academy

Palmetto Sports Academy (PSA) is a full-time baseball academy hyper-focused on developing the elite athlete.  NCAA accredited academics and the highest quality baseball curriculum available in the area. 

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Southern Athletics

3 months 1 week ago

SA Pitching Rotation June 8-10th

Pitching Rotation June 8-10th - Southern Athletics

Southern Athletics

3 months 3 weeks ago

Coaches/Players get your latest updates on Southern Athletics. on our website Schedules and Pitching Rotations will be up soon for…

Southern Athletics Updates


  • Hunter Henson - Clemson

    “[The] Southern Athletics was introduced to us by Hunter’s high school baseball coach. Hunter wanted to sharpen his skills and become faster and stronger  throughout the Summer and SA was just what we were looking for. The tournaments were well organized and were focused on showcasing each players skills with pro style workouts and games were played to showcase their ability to be a team player. It was never about who’s winning. Hunter played at a variety of universities and scouts were present during the tournaments. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. SA is an investment in your child’s future if they are determined to take their ability to the next level. The SA coaches are a wealth of knowledge and genuinely care about each player. SA made a dream become a reality as Hunter committed at the end of the summer to Clemson and will now be a Tiger baseball player. Thank you Southern Athletics for providing this opportunity for our children.”   ~ Donnie and Kim Henson

  • Caden O'Brian - UNC

    “The biggest thing is the hard work and drive SA showed to get me recruited! Even before I even came to SA when I pitched at west Stanley high school. Before the game was even Craig had  CofC on the phone, that really stood out to me and my dad. But from the time I joined SA in the fall to now it’s crazy the amount of scouts you guys have put in front of me. I’m very thankful and wouldn’t be where I am without SA’s willingness to get kids recruited!”  ~ Caden O’Brian

  • Elijah Henderson - Clemson

    “My name is Elijah Henderson I currently play on the 2017 Southern Athletics National Team. I committed to play baseball at Clemson University earlier this summer. I played with my last organization since I was 11 and I decided to make the switch to John Hinson and the Southern Athletics. It was the best decision I have ever made for my baseball career. You will not find a harder working guy that is brutally honest and wants the best for your career like Coach Hinson. At our games this summer we had College/Pro scouts at every single one of our games. Also Craig Collins is our RC you will not find a harder working guy than him, he’s in the stands every game talking to the scouts. If you are looking to get recruited or elevate your game southern athletics is where you need to be.” ~ Elijah Henderson

  • Logan Chapman - USC

    “You will not find a group of guys that work harder for your kids to be in the right place and the right time with the right people. Logan played for another team the 3 years previous to 2015 and Craig would invite Logan to throw a few innings in front of college coaches… Logan started the 2015 season with [a nationally known organization] and it didn’t take us long to figure out they are all about… showcase tournaments that no one attends. I called Craig after week 2 and we joined SA the next week.
    SA doesn’t just go play some “Showcase” tournament, they workout on the field with the coaches in a Pro Style workout to let the kids be evaluated and interact. By the time the 1st tournament was over we scheduled our first visit and the interest from D1 colleges was evident at each game we played. SA not only gets you out there, they offer advice on how to handle the process and guide you all the way. Two months later he was committed to USC and happier than ever. The efforts of the SA Family and Instructors guided and trained Logan with Pro insight and ability to be the #1 2017 RHP in SC and #1 2017 RHP by Prospect Select, now they are focused on the PRO Scouts and where he needs to be for his future. He received his 1st e-mail from MLB this fall thanks to John Hinson and all the guys that we call family. ‘It’s not about winning today, it’s about being the best you can be in Baseball, Life, God and Family’ That is the focus of SA, its not just a Team!”

    ~ Greg Chapman

  • Trey Fields - College of Charleston

    "I currently play for the Southern Athletics 2017 National Team and this will be my second summer with the team. I made the switch last year because I believed it was best for me because of Coach Hinson and his views on summer ball. Coach Hinson and all of the SA coaches really pushed our names out to EVERY coach they could talk to. SA put us on some of the nicest D1 facilities in front of many college coaches. Joining the Southern Athletics has been my best decision so far because the coaches really care about the players. They put scouts out there to watch us and give us a chance to earn a scholarship. Before joining SA, I didn't think a scout would ever watch me play, but thanks to Coach Hinson and SA, they have made that dream a reality. Also, Craig Collins is one of the hardest working RC you will ever find and does a great job getting college/pro scouts to every one of our games. Thank you Coach Hinson, Craig, and all of the SA coaches for everything. #SAforlife" ~ Trey Fields, CofC

  • Will Fleming - Wake Forest

    “We could not be more pleased with our family’s experience with the Southern Athletics.  Simply put, the Southern Athletics enabled our son to achieve his full potential and to realize his dream.  You helped him get in front of colleges and coaches and he was able to perform and seize the opportunity.  Your player-focused, relationship-based approach was refreshing and the contacts and connections that you have are phenomenal.  You run a program based upon honesty and integrity.  Thank you for everything you have done for our family!”
    ~ John & Amy Fleming

  • Tyler Leek, North Greenville

    “The Southern Athletics organization went above and beyond to help me through the recruiting process. They were able to get me in front of schools and compete at a high level this summer. Every game there seemed to be scouts everywhere. Beyond getting me in front of school, the organization is made up of great men who care about the players. Being apart of the Southern Athletics brought many opportunities that unlikely would have come my way if I would have been apart of any other group.”
    ~ Tyler Leek

  • Dillon Love - Furman

    "From the first day of being around the SA family I knew right away I was surround by people who wanted the best for me, and were going to push me to the best of my ability. From the teammates to the coaches everyone was always there for encouragement and a helping hand through the recruiting process. Having teammates who held the same priorities as me pushed me to be the best baseball player I could be. The coaches expected me to do my best and represent the program as best as I could, and in turn they did their best in selling myself to colleges. I wouldn't be standing here today as a Furman signee if it wasn't for the Southern Athletic and Hinson family, the hard work and dedication they put into helping me land a Division One scholarship. I wish my blessings unto all Southern Athletic family!" - Dillon Love

  • Andrew Judkins - The Citadel

    "Over the years I have had the chance to play with some of the best organizations in the Southeast but none of them compare to Southern Athletics. This is not just because of the talent but because of the coaches. The coaches have helped me turn my dreams into a reality. This program doesn't just get schools to come watch you, they get schools where they best think you fit and will have the best chance to succeed. They work the hardest I have ever seen and will truly do anything for you as long as you are the same with them. They are honest in their advice and opinions which has helped me the most. With their help, I committed to The Citadel earlier this fall (2015). I've learned and improved my game so much from one season with Southern Athletics and am glad I made the decision to tryout for them. Southern Athetics in my opinion is the best program out there." - Andrew Judkins


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